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Insects and disease will devour your trees and shrubs if you don’t take time to cure and prevent infestations. Distinctive Tree Care professionals use a variety of strategies to correct these problems and ensure a healthy environment.

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Sure signs of insects’ presence include damage to leaves, stems, braches, roots and flowers. We will formulate a plan to control insects through inspections, pruning, enhancing soil conditions and anything else your property requires. Distinctive Tree Care’s experts also can identify the beneficial insects living on your property and increase their presence, as necessary, to help eradicate problem bugs.

Some of the most damaging insects in the northeastern part of the U.S. include the emerald ash borer, Japanese beetle, gypsy moth and hemlock wooly adelgid.

Diseases in trees and shrubs often develop from bacteria, fungi and harsh environmental conditions. Distinctive Tree Care can accurately identify diseases in the northeastern U.S. that can ravage your landscape, such as bacterial leaf scorch disease, root rot, wood decay and many more.

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Distinctive Tree Care in CT provides pest and disease control services for plants and trees throughout the Greater Hartford area including South Windsor, Glastonbury, Tolland, Manchester, Vernon, Enfield, Windsor, Somers, Ellington, West Hartford, Farmington, Simsbury, Canton and beyond. Contact Us to book an appointment today.