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Tree Removal

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Tree Removal

Distinctive Tree Care removes hazardous and unwanted trees from your property after a thorough tree evaluation. Safety and efficiency are hallmarks of our work, and our licensed arborists will use one or more methods to precisely fell a tree.



 Some trees can only be accessed by climbing them, especially if it’s an overgrown or dangerous tree hanging over a house. Our expert arborists climb the tree and lower it safely in small pieces.




Our bucket trucks are highly versatile and able to reach trees in virtually every area of your property. We regularly inspect and maintain our trucks according to industry standards and replace parts as needed to provide the safest equipment.

  • Our 75-foot elevator style bucket truck reaches tall trees easier than competitors shorter trucks, which saves you money.
  • Our 60-foot bucket truck is lighter and able to drive into most areas, such as backyards. This truck can go where an average pickup truck could reach.


We use a crane to access the most difficult trees, including those that are more than 150 feet from the nearest road. Our certified cranes and crane operators turn a normally impossible tree takedown into a routine job.

Cranes are ideal for lifting dangerous, heavy trees up and over obstacles to avoid lawn damage, and they are the safest and most cost-effective option for these types of trees.